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Sunday, April 12, 2009

First Visit to the Hospital

5:00 PM


Write down specific questions before visiting the hospital to save time and get the best results from fertility treatment.

What couples should remember:

# Use of birth control after marriage
# How long they have tried to get pregnant
# If they visited another hospital for counseling and testing
# If they have received semen, hormone, after sex, ovulation, and fallopian tube tests
# If either partner has received any infertility treatments (egg facilitation medicine, or shots, artificial insemination, test tube, etc.)
# Frequency of intercourse and length of intercourse
# Any problems with sex life or pain during intercourse
# If either partner is taking any medication
# Prior surgeries or hospitalizations

What women should remember:

# First period
# Monthly cycle (cycle, duration, amount, cramps)
# Prior pregnancies or labor
# Prior abortions, miscarriages, and effect, if any, on monthly cycle

What men should remember:

# High fevers (measles, epidemic parotitis)
# Treatments for urinary disease (including STDs)
# Unusual amount of drinking, smoking, and level of stress
# Work environment (high heat, radiation, chemicals)

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