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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Increase the Size of Your Penis Naturally

3:40 PM

So the best thing to do if you are serious about enlarging your penis is quite simply the natural route, it's up to you to develop your own kind of system and then work on that consistently. I have worked with many clients over the years who have been very eager to enlarge their little guy, a major problem that I noticed from day one was the fact that they all seemed to fail after the first coupe of weeks. It's important for you to stay head strong, and very focused when undergoing any type of routine in the coming weeks. Below are two exercises which will dramatically increase the size of your manhood in weeks.

The Milk

Now this technique has been used for well over a 100 years and dates back generations, the reason being is because it works. It's simple, costs nothing and really does produce results within the first week of you using it, here's what you need to do - firstly you need to take a pot of warm water and a cloth, with this you need to soak your penis for a few minutes which will soften the tissue. Then once the warm up is done, simply take your thumb and forefinger, place your penis through the whole, start at the base and pull down in a milking motion, this will stretch your little guy, do this 5 times with each hand and then rest for 5 minutes.

The Balloon

This technique was discovered over 5 years ago and was said to add massive growth in terms of width, all you need to do is cup your penis at the shaft and squeeze very tight, until you see all the blood rush to the head. Once this occurs you will need to old that position for 1 minute, release after a minute and repeat 10 times. You should see results with this exercise in about a week to two weeks.

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