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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chinese Herbal Diet For Tumor Patients

3:23 PM

There are two types of tumors, benign and malignant. Malignant tumor is called cancer. The following Chinese herbal diet recipes have a certain cancer-preventing effect. You can choose them according to your specific individual conditions.

1) Mushroom Soup
90g of fresh mushroom, fried in just the right amount of vegetable oil and a bit of salt. Add water to cook soup for eating. It is applicable to stomach cancer.

2) Peeled Water Chestnut 20 to 30 peeled fresh water chestnuts decocted in just the right amount of water over a low fire until the decoction becomes thick. Take is in two or three portions. It has a definite curative effect upon stomach cancer.

3) Woo Long Tea
Drinking Woo Long tea consistently has a definite cancer-preventing effect.

4) Fish Air Bladder and Tian Qi
Fish air bladder [5]
Tian Qi (herb kept in our clinic) [1 teaspoon]
Rice or millet wine [1/10 cup]
Fry the fish air bladder in sesame oil to make them crisp and then grind them into fine powder. Take 5g of it each time after infusing the powder and the Tian Qi powder with rice wine. Take one time a day, with 15 to 20 days as a course or treatment. It can be applied to carcinoma of esophagus.

5) Sea Horse and Shan Jia
Sea horse powder (kept in our clinic) [2 teaspoons]
Woo Gong powder (kept in our clinic) [1 teaspoon]
Prepared Shan Jia powder (kept in our clinic) [1 teaspoon]
Rice wine [1/10-1/5 cup]
Mix the first three powders together. Take 3g each time, three times a day after infusing the powder with the rice wine. Take it for 15 to 20 days as a course of treatment. It can be applied to breast cancer.

6) Chicken Stomach
Chicken stomach (or powder kept in our clinic) [5]
Polish long grain glutinous rice (or rice powder) [1 cup]
Chinese date (or powder kept in our clinic) [8]
Ginger [2-3 pieces]
White sugar (or honey) [a little to taste]
Boiling chicken stomach first for one minute. Throw away the soup. Use right amount of cold water to boil the first four things until they are boiling. Turn the fire to low to cook until the chicken stomach is soft, date paste and the water is getting thick. Add a little sugar or honey for taste. It can be applied to stomach cancer or pancreatic cancer. Try to eat a little each time and more frequently during the day and gradually increase this.

7) Lettuce Juice
Lettuce (or other green leaf vegetables) [1/4]
Wheat grass Ginger [1-2 pieces]
Fresh young soybean sprouts [2]
Water [1/4 cup]

Clean the first four things and cut them into tiny pieces. Put them into a blender, add water and blend well. They will become a juice (not too watery or too pasty). Serve in the morning. This is best at room temperature or drink a little warm water first and then eat a small thin piece of apple and then 1/10 cup or more of the special juice. Gradually increase this to one cup of the juice at a time.

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