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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sex After 50 and Menopause

7:19 PM

In the process of aging, the number of cells in the organs of the body is diminished due to the loss of regenerative capability in the living organism. Aging, on the sexual level, is marked by a sudden reduction of male/female hormones at around the ages of 35-40. Then, at around age 60, the concentration of sexual hormones again drops drastically in the blood stream and continues at this level until 80.

The loss of sexual vigor with age does not include a loss in sexual interest. Human male hormones, unlike those of other animals, do not have absolute control over sexual activity, and its level at 80 is as much as 2/3 its level at age 20. Therefore, the idea that sex is only for the young is a misconception. The closeness, stimulation, and happiness that having sexual intercourse brings to a relationship does not decrease with age. Further, erectile dysfunction in men and frigidity in women are not necessarily physiological problems, but may be due to worries about sex or other mental insecurities. For example, a man may worry over whether he will be able to satisfy his partner; and likewise, a woman may be concerned about her dryness, which can pose a greater threat than any physical factor.

As males age, there are distinctive changes that happen related to their ability to function sexually:

* At an advanced age, an erection takes longer to attain. The length of time it stays in that state diminishes, also.
* At youth, the time needed for sexual arousal is only 5-10 seconds; whereas, at 60-70 years, it may take more than 3 times as long, if at all.
* At the point of erection, the penis makes an angle of 30-50 degrees to the flat of the stomach (abdominal wall) for youths; after 60, the angle will drop to 150 degrees or to the 7- 8 o'clock position from the stomach.
* For men in their 20s and 30s, maintaining an erection lasts on average of 40-50 minutes. As men age, lasting even 10 minutes can be difficult.
* At youth, sometimes there is a two-stage orgasm; with age, the urgency of sex disappears and even one orgasm may be difficult to achieve.
* The pressure with which the semen is ejaculated also varies with age, shooting from 50-100 cm during youth to just barely making it out with a dribble at old age.

The root of human sexual desire originates from the functionality of the testicles and ovaries; however, the brain plays a big part through memory, associations, emotion and experience. Therefore, the secret to a lifetime of healthy, pleasurable sex is not only to maintain a healthy body but a healthy mind, as well -- a mind that keeps sexual interests alive.

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