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Monday, April 13, 2009

Postpartum Exercise

11:17 AM

# Postpartum exercise has the following effects: It helps the woman return to her prepregnancy weight or condition.
# It tightens stretched abdominal muscles.
# Allows the mother to devote some time for herself.

# Starting Postpartum Exercise

# Exercises can begin 24-48 hours after delivery, if there are no complications with delivery.
# After a cesarean section or permanent sterilization, exercise should be put off for at least a month.
# Exercise should be postponed if there is a severe laceration from perineotomy, bleeding, or other complications.


# Stop exercising right away if bleeding occurs during exercise or exercising is uncomfortable.
# Wear comfortable and loose clothes for postpartum exercises. Start in bed first; after 6 weeks, move to the floor.
# Initially, do each exercise 4-6 times twice a day and increase thereafter.


Stretching: Tightens loosened abdominal muscles and buttock muscles. 1.Lie down on the floor, place pillows under back and buttocks, and stretch arms above the head.
2.From head to toe, stretch the body as much as possible.
3.In the process, tighten the buttocks muscles and pull in the abdominal muscles.
4.Repeat after relaxing.

Knee Rotations: Tones the waist.

1.Lie down on the floor, bend knees, and spread arms at shoulder height sideways.
2.Do not move shoulders; keep them straight, and rotate knees to the right.
3.Return knee to original position and rotate left. Repeat.

Knee-Chest Exercise: Strengthens lower back muscles.

1.Lie down with feet touching the floor and knees up.
2.With both hands pull a knee toward chest. Alternate knees.

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