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Monday, April 13, 2009

Human Milk Feeding

12:45 PM


# The saying "breast is the best" has its origin in biologic merit.
# Studies have confirmed that even undernourished Third World women and economically deprived women have adequate milk and their milk is similar to the milk produced by well-nourished women.
# Breast-feeding women produce an average of 600 mL of milk daily.

# Colostrum

# Colostrum is the deep yellow-colored milk secreted the first several days after childbirth.
# Colostrum secretion last about 5 days and changes to mature milk gradually.
# Colostrum has more protein and minerals, but less fat and sugar, compared to mature milk.
# Antibodies, which protect the newborn infant from enteric pathogens, are abundant in colostrum.

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