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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Basic Infertility Tests

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Basic Infertility Tests


# The best time to visit the hospital for infertility tests is 1-2 weeks after menstruation.
# On the day of the test, wear clothing that is easy to remove and avoid heavy make-up.
# The doctor will first check overall health, perform an internal examination, and ask the woman to fill out a written questionnaire
# Questions about pregnancy ability and menstrual cycle are included in the questionnaire.
# Overall physical condition, distribution of body fat and body hair, and breast development are checked.
# The internal examination will check for vaginitis (colpitis), uterocervical inflammation, and pelvic inflammation.

# Basic health tests

Types of tests: Blood pressure, weight, standard blood test, urine test, STD test, liver function, kidney function test, electrocardiogram, and chest x-ray
# Other tests may be added depending on the presence of disease and patient's overall condition.
# Diagnostic tests for tuberculosis, diabetes, and low body weight-Infertility is sometimes due to poor health.
# Hormone test: A blood test checks hormone secretion level and balance 2-4 days into menstruation.
# Vaginal ultrasound: Detects deformation of the fallopian tubes and assesses the condition of the ovaries and uterus.
# Fallopian tube blockage and uterus build test
# The condition of the uterine cavity and fallopian tubes are tested between 2 days after the menstruation cycle is completely finished and 3 to 4 days before ovulation.
# Ovarian ultrasound: Checks the growth and number of egg cells and whether ovulation takes place. Performed 11-12 days after the menstrual cycle begins and continues until ovulation is complete.
# Uterine mucus test: Checks the condition of the mucus at the mouth of the uterus immediately before ovulation or during ovulation.
# Endometrium test: Performed 10-12 days after ovulation, it evaluates the condition of the endometrium.
# After intercourse test: Performed 1 to 2 days before ovulation is expected, it tests whether the husband's sperm has entered the uterus. A sample of the wife's mucus must be taken within 8 hours of intercourse.
# Semen test: Taken at the same time as the wife's infertility tests.
# For further details, contact a hospital obstetrics and gynecology department that specializes in fertility issues.

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