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Sunday, April 12, 2009


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The meaning of adoption

# Adoption occurs when children, whose parents lack the ability to raise them or the desire to raise them, are provided with a permanent replacement family. Adopted children have the same benefits and rights as birth children.
# Adoption is a legal and social process that establishes the relationship between parent and child.

# Reasons why adoption is needed

# A child must be raised in a home.
# Orphanages and social welfare cannot replace a family. No matter how well they are run, they are second best.
# All children need a family and should be raised in a family, so they can grow up physically, mentally, and spiritually sound.
# A family is absolutely needed for a child. A family that can feed their child when hungry, be there during illnesses, provide a mother's breast and a father's back where the baby can cry and wipe his tears when things are difficult, tolerate and accept their child despite unreasonable demands and shortcomings, receive smiles and be joyous when the baby is cute-all this needed for the baby to grow normally.
# A family can provide an environment for learning and nurture learning.
# A family provides a training ground for character and individuality, so children can adapt and contribute to society.
# Some people believe that adoption increases the couple's chances for pregnancy, but this is not true.


# Most people in this society have prejudices toward adoption. But these narrow-minded thoughts are keeping innocent children from receiving the love and attention they crave, while robbing parents of the opportunity to grow together and give love.
# Our society sees adopted children as problem children. But adopted children go through the same natural growth processes as other children.
# A child born to a family can be a failure in society also. Nobody can predict the success or failure of adopted and non-adopted children.

Infertile couples

# Adoption is an option if pregnancy is not possible, or if pregnancy has not occurred, despite receiving various methods of treatment. It is not that uncommon for parents with children to adopt another.
# It is better to consider adoption on your own, rather than by the doctor's urging. Adopt when you fell ready and comfortable.
# The doctor should make clear your negligible chance of becoming pregnant and birthing your own child, even though there have been cases where pregnancy occurred while raising an adopted child. This is not scientifically proven.
# When adopting, the couple's mental health, financial health, and physical condition must be considered.
# There are many hardships involved with raising children. Before deciding on adoption or artificial insemination, consider your mental attitude and reasons for adopting, and consult people with child-raising experience.

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